No Valid Matters

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July 17 – August 22, 2009
No Valid Matters
By Assoc Prof Kade Javanalikikorn

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Opening reception: Thursday July 23, 2009, 6-8pm

Artist’s Statement
Most art viewers tend to have questions about abstract paintings regarding their meanings because what they see usually does not make sense to them. On the other hand, when they look at paintings that “make sense” to them, such as a portrait or a landscape, they seem to be satisfied with what they see and do not seem to care about the meaning of the painting.

For me, both kinds of paintings do not communicate with meaning but rather with emotions and feelings. It’s not necessary for viewers to “understand” or look for meanings; they simply need to get the mood and the feeling of the paining. The feelings that occur in the viewers obviously differ from person to person depending on personal background and experiences. Viewers who come from the same social background or experiences may feel similarly when looking at a painting. Therefore both kinds of paintings are examples of art that does not intend to convey meanings.

Some abstract paintings that most people think they do not understand and cannot make sense of, are not created to be understood; they do not offer meanings, they do not provide valid matters and do not offer anything for the viewer to seek. These paintings convey only emotions and feelings.

I want to show differences and similarities between abstract paintings which do not show any concrete things and paintings of things that we know and are familiar with. I want to show that both kinds of paintings can be perceived through moods, emotions and feelings, through the heart, without the need for meaning.

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