In the Eyes of the World

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22nd December 2006 – 20th January 2007
In the Eyes of the World

by Lino Centi
(Opening ceremony at 18.30 on Friday 22nd December 2006)

The Art Center of Chulalongkorn University is very pleased to announce an exhibition of Lino Centi’s works on paper titled In the Eyes of the World, an on-going mixed media series from over twenty years.

Each of the 100 artworks measure 10 x 10cm. Jean-Francois Lyotard described Centi’s series with the French word timbres, meaning both stamps and visually or musically chromatic nuances. He wrote, ‘Centi’s stamp album (album de timbres) is the collection of the scarcely graspable sonorities of visual matter’.

In the Eyes of the World offers visual equivalents to the subtle but charged resonances of individual experiences. The impact of In the Eyes of the World is a recognition of the inevitable perfection resulting from a sustained deliberation on the significance of the seemingly arbitrary occurrence; Centi’s works do not appear to have been produced, they have occurred. He catches a sense of what we believe to be intangible, beyond language or ordinarily invisible.

Centi pursues the discipline of a regulated format, the scale of 10 x 10cm, in order to offset an understanding of the infinite variety of individual experience. This framing also relates to a historical trajectory within European painting while simultaneously suggesting the diaristic. Consequently In the Eyes of the World provides a meditation on such potent issues for visual art as the trace of time and experience, the translation of time and experience into a viable visual language, and the terms of visual language in relation to other forms of language; titles include Phenomenology of Rotunda, Valentin’s Signature and Pour Cyril Collard.

Quieter than many of his contemporaries, Centi nevertheless distills ever-present and necessary questions of what it means to engage, pace Lyotard, visual matter.

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