Elegy to the Painting

By , August 3, 2009 12:28 pm

10th January – 11th Febuary 2006
Elegy to the Painting
by Niti Wattuya

This is not a concept
I wish
to draw like the first man did
in a cave
to express my impression from what I’ve seen
without any intention
to fulfill my satisfaction

These days,
we all set the rules for ourselves
then, everything turns to become out problem.
Making art finally become artist’s problem.
Following and rebellion
turn to become pressure.
Under the age of information,
how could the artist be free?

I wish
to draw for my own sake
and happiness.
Being free from concept idea,
since it always leads us the way to walk.
But I will not follow anyone,
even myself.

When the knot is released,
we will not define it as ‘knot’ anymore.
When the concept is idealized,
we will not define it as ‘concept’ anymore.
And if we let go everything,
no more knot, no more concept
then, no more title

The priest’s goal
is to be free
for attaining nirvana.
The businessman’s goal
is to make profit
for achieving success.
For me, I am alike a wild animal,
alike lion.
Spending my day hunting
without any goal.

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