One Love

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8th September – 4th November 2006
One Love

by Atitaya Sritongin

Atitaya Sritongin (Nan) proudly presents more than 20 pieces of her artistic photos from the conceptual inspiration of her loyalty to His Majesty the King. Atitaya selects the small different group with distinguished characters, likes, Hip-Hop, Punk and Graffiti. All share wearing the same symbol of the Yellow T-Shirt, which are designed in different screening, reflecting their life style but maintaining the same concept of One love to His Majesty the King. Her works imply to question human society which always critic the others by their appearance and at the same time to challenge the society to critic her works. If wearing the Yellow T-Shirt represents the loyalty to the King, all of these distinguished groups have reflected their own style to express their own feeling as well.

Atitaya had been graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Visual Arts Major, Chulalongkorn University in 2006. Her senior project has been nominated in the program าYoung Thai Artistsำ and her work title is Love Slave, presented by the photos of wedding day of bride and groom in the public area (Hua-Lam-Pong Central Train Station). Her query had been fallen on the society standard perception on pregnancy before marriage. Her works have presented the clarification that the society could accept this so-called pregnancy failure by the public attention as the part of this art scene. The society becomes the Witness of this marriage with their pleasure.

The work One Love, is the reflection the artists attitude and her personal respect for the Monarchy and she desires to transmit her feeling to the audiences with the challenge on the audiences point of view on the loyalty reflection of the small distinguished group.

The Brand New 2006 Project continues in the fourth year with the co-operation of many contemporary art galleries in Bangkok Metropolitan area. This year is the first time of honor invitation, granted by the Japanese Curator, Ms.Naoko Uzuki and Thai Assistant, Khun Thanavi Chotpradit in selection of the new young artist Khun Atittaya Sritongin.

The project objective is to widely support the new artists for their solo exhibition with their freedom on any subject/title. This is to encourage the
exchange and circulation of the audiences in the network galleries, also to strengthen the co-operation and development among the Bangkok art contemporary galleries.

More information on One Love please contact 0 1409 7680

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