Missing Objects

By , August 3, 2009 11:51 am

15th July – 13th August 2005
Missing Objects

Pratchaya Phinthong’s Missing Objects is essentially about his solo overland journey back to Bangkok from Germany where he had completed his post graduate studies.
It will be difficult to pin down exactly how to interpret such epic experiences through series of hyper alienating environment. This exhibition is not exactly an informative travelogue; it’s not even a coherent report on any particular tale of gallant bravery or exotic absurdities.

This installation of multidisciplinary/multimedia extravaganza is never the less, about is something that we can all share within our very own vulnerable experiences… How we deal with ourselves when we are left to ourselves. How when we are in completely foreign environment, we identify ourselves with thoughts of our faraway friends, family and loved ones. How in our solo journeys, we balance extreme loneliness, fear and sense of adventure.

After all the title “Missing Objects” is perhaps a metaphor that questions the journey that we all take through life… Our sense of priority and self worth are what defines us. Do certain objects make us feel complete? Do certain people make us feel whole? Perhaps to answer this: we need Pratchaya Phinthong’s art objects to help us feel that we are not missing out on everything.

Prapon Kumjim
Head of the Art Center

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